The unwritten stories of an entrepreneur

Updated: May 8

A passion called, a reasoning followed but difficulty and enormous challenges thunder as the entrepreneur pulled through the dark and heavy clouds of business operations, trying to hold on to perseverance amidst the business economic and financial storms. Failing revenue and fewer options as she rides the storms.

Tears shed, sleepless nights, headaches, high stress levels, loss of appetite but the sarcastic sweets and chocolates binge paving for energy supplements. Weakness starts trickling in together with the temptation to give up. She hides from the world sought, the great business irony. The ugly taste of water when surrounded by a dark future brings forth the imaginary smell of a business death. Papers all over, plans, the effort to revive networks, reaching for new potential close yet so far.

The search everywhere for business support. Social media, drinks with colleagues and friends, new or potential business networks, emails, messages and phone calls. All seem to no avail, yet she wears a smile as is everything is fine. The daunting truth seem to draw close each day. The world seems to shut down. Bills piling up, joy feels so suppressed. Even the pillow seems to suffocate from a heavy head at night. Yes, the promises seem in vain, yet still a little piece of hope exist, somewhere deeper in the seemly impossible success and shadows of failure.

The fear of failure jerks the mind like a life resuscitation, a strong conviction to succeed starts building up, little by little. The small little light shines at the end of the tunnel but seems like it’s about to disappear. The entrepreneur stagger in the dark tunnel of business, hands stretched out to reach to that smallest chance of success. "If only I could just reach for that light, just one step in", she wishes. 

Taking heavy steps, the roaring thunders of discouragement seem like a social punishment yet whispers of peace and success can be heard from a distance. Seem so close, but heavier with each step. The thin line between success and giving up, yet the inner voice reminds her that the strong and passionate will not let their light die but are resilient to all storms of life. Learning to separate the noise clouding the strength and voice of reason, so hard, but little by little she pushes further. Closer and closer.

As she pitches forward, one look on the ground, she sees so many dry bones all over. So many businesses given up. Success doors that were never opened. A business future cut short and buried. Promises not met. Emotions run high, and suddenly ... a pause, accompanied by a quick deliberation and a reminder of perceived things to come. The thought of huddles passed, the fresh and livid bruises acquired in the journey, the accumulated brutal marks of success suddenly grows the acceptance of both the good and the bad with equanimity.

 “No! I will not let my bones dry”, she lets out a weak and desperate cry, gaining strength like her business life depends on it...

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