The entrepreneurial cornerstone

Updated: May 13

So today, as i woke up, i had a question in my mind. What is the cornerstone of good entrepreneurship? I did not have to think hard about it but my experience gave me 4 words instantly which are Passion; Persistence; Perseverance and Progress.

Why these words? Let me break it down to my thoughts afterwards. Immediately, as i decided to get to the bottom of these 4 words, here is what i got in simple terms. This might not be the exact dictionary definition, but putting the detail as below potentially brings so much life and the desire to grow a dream or seed into something.

i). Passion

The zeal to succeed, coupled with a world of motivation and desire to birth a new or renewed life in business. New goals are therefore set.

ii). Persistence

Choosing to drive the seemingly impossible. Turning a dream into reality at all costs.

iii). Perseverance

Do not stop, never stop moving. Keep the wheel turning, everyday.

iv). Progress

Any move towards a future desired or goals is progress. It does not matter how fast you go, but the destination fulfillment.

In the end, a reminder came, that the four pillar basic cornerstone in itself, though very important, can be limited without the right priorities, skills and networks to strengthen it. The list is endless, but a few puissant in the mind. However, a cornerstone is a foundation, make it strong and build on it conscientiously. Never be afraid to acquire new skills and drivers everyday while you at it. Its a learning curve. Let tomorrow be better than today, even by just a thought because it is that thought, positively articulated, that renews the foundation everyday and makes it even stronger.

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